A heartfelt plea to all of our patients

Unacceptable behaviours include:

  • Using bad language or swearing
  • Acting in a physically aggressive or intimidating way
  • Verbal abuse towards the staff in any form including insulting the staff
  • Racial abuse and sexual harassment
  • Abuse related to a persons religion, sexuality, gender, age or disability
  • Any physical violence
  • Persistent or unrealistic demands that causes stress to staff
  • Causing damage or stealing from the Practice’s premises, staff or patients
  • Obtaining drugs and/or medical services fraudulently
  • Any other episode in which an employee is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work

Unfortunately we are seeing an increase in unacceptable behaviour from our patients which will ultimately result in driving staff away from the practice and will only make the services we provide harder to deliver.

All of our staff are doing their very best in difficult circumstances and have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

To the majority of our patients who continue  to be understanding  and supportive, we thank you for your kindness, and appreciate your tolerance.

Demand for appointments has become significantly greater than capacity, and whichever way we manage our appointments, there is simply not enough to be able to see everyone when they want it.

We appreciate your frustrations at not being able to get through on the phone and having to wait longer for an appointment, or not being able to be seen on the day that you want.

We are all on the same side and all want to ensure high quality care is delivered to our patients when needed.

“Everyone has the right to be safe at work, and we want to reiterate in the strongest possible terms that violence and aggression towards our staff will not be tolerated. Staff facing abuse will always have the surgery’s full support.”

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Kind Regards

Mossley Fields