Repeat Prescriptions

We do have a repeat prescription system; however we only issue repeat prescriptions during a consultation with a Doctor, Clinical Pharmacist or Nurse Prescriber..

The Clinician will give patients sufficient medication to last until the date the medical condition needs to be reviewed again.

Particularly when the review is not anticipated for several months, some of the medication will be prescribed on extra prescriptions dated ahead, rather than having too much on one prescription.

Please note, if you are on warfarin, you need to provide the surgery with a copy of your last INR results from your yellow INR book. Please ask a member of the reception team for more information.

This repeat prescription system usually works very well for the patient and the Clinician, but it does need both the patient and the Clinician to be thinking ahead regarding likely prescription needs.

To obtain an appointment with a Doctor, Pharmacist or Nurse Prescriber for your medication review, we advise you to telephone two weeks before your prescription runs out.  This will help the receptionist to help you.

Repeat prescriptions for medical conditions may be requested during routine appointments with the Doctor, Clinical Pharmacist or nurse Prescriber.  Please note urgent/emergency appointments should not be used simply to collect repeat prescriptions.