Hope Project

The ‘Hope Project’ (Supporting Survivors of Exploitation) is a new, free, independent support service run by Street Teams for 18+ survivors of child/adult exploitation.

  • We support male and female survivors of sexual/criminal exploitation.
  •  Exploitation needs to have happened in Walsall and they have to of lived or still be living in Walsall.
  • We support survivor’s pre NRM (National Referral Mechanism), those that are in the NRM process or exiting and those that have been referred as a duty notify (MS1).
  • We also support survivors who do not wish to be in the NRM process.

We are aware exploitation does not stop when a young person reaches 18, exploiters exploit due to vulnerability not ‘age’. Exploitation has been happening in Walsall for many years and still now some of those that were exploited when they were children are now still being exploited in their adult years.

Survivors can contact us through hopeproject@gmx.com in the first instance, from this we can provide email advice, telephone support, one to one support, referrals to other agencies if needed, we can support with reporting to the police if the client wishes for this to happen, support is provided with attending ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) interviews and we can support in court. Support offered is tailor made to each person.