You can request a new or extended sick note via the eConsult service

Fit Notes

For the first seven days of any absence, please use a self certification note provided by your employer. You can request a private sick note from us if needed and a fee is payable for this service

After seven days of absence, two types of ‘fit note’ are now issued by doctors, in accordance with the Department of Work and Pension rules.  Please access the DWP guidance and rules here

May Be Fit For Work

This is the standard type of fit note. It is completely flexible, allowing you time to remain off work and then to build up to your normal work routine.  Its purpose is to help you and your employer to sit down and have a supportive discussion so that you can agree a back-to-work plan which is agreeable to both of you. Please see the guidance to employers and please see the specific guidance on page 6:

“If you can’t agree on any changes, you should
treat the fit note as if it says that your employee
is not fit for work and use it as described
above. Your employee does not need a new fit
note from their doctor to confirm this”
Fit for Work

Once your existing note expires, you are automatically deemed ‘fit for work’. You do not need a ‘Fit for Work’ note.  Please see the guidance to employers and the specific guidance on page 2:

“Your employee can come back to work at any time
even if this is before their fit note expires.
They do not need to back to their doctor first”

Not Fit for Work

This note is only issued under the most exceptional of circumstances where the patient cannot do any work whatsoever. For example, for the first few days only after a major operation or a life-threatening illness.  Your doctor is professionally accountable for justifying usage of this category of fit note. We typically only issue one of two of these types of note per year

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