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Carers’ Information Sheet

Carers are relatives, friends or neighbours who regularly look after someone in need of help because of illness, frailty or disability. The help they provide is unpaid. Carers may be adults, children or young people either living with the person they care for or somewhere else.

Are you a carer?

If you look after someone who cannot manage without your help because of age, illness or disability…

If you give, or plan to give, someone regular and substantial amounts of unpaid care…

then you are a carer – and you are not alone.

Over 10,000 people in Walsall said in the 2001 census that they provided care to someone for over 20 hours a week.

If you are a carer then you are entitled to a carer’s assessment and can ask social services for help to meet your own needs.

For you to receive any service, the person you care for will have to have enough needs to be entitled to help from social services, but they do not actually have to be getting that help.

Sometimes people talk about ‘informal carers’ to distinguish you from people who are paid to provide care to people.

People also talk about ‘family carers’, and while it is important that we make sure spouses and children are seen as carers, you do not have to be family – you may be a friend or a neighbour.

The care you give may include physical and personal care, emotional support, advocacy, or maintaining safety.

If you require any further help or information please contact the following:

Walsall residents                                                    Sandwell residents

Carers co-ordinator                                                  CARES2

Walsall Social Care and Inclusion                           2 Bearwood Road
Tameway Tower 10th floor West Wing                   Smethick
Bridge StreetWalsall WS1 1JZ                             B66 4HH

Telephone 01922 658451                                       Tel: 0121 558 7003

Carers and employment

Many carers have skills and experience which would be valuable to employers but they don’t always see themselves that way.

Carers who have lost opportunities to train for employment might not see a way back in. Too often isolation and the caring role can undermine confidence and limit choices.

The Work and Families Act came into effect in April 2007.  It gives unpaid / family carers the right to request flexible working.

This means carers have a legal right to request flexible working, and their employer will have to show that they have taken the request very seriously.

You can find out more by visiting the Carers UK website. (www.carersuk.org)

What help is available in Walsall?

Steps to Work and Work on the Horizon are two local organisations who can provide carers with help and support about the free training and employment opportunities available.

Steps to Work

Individuals seeking employment but who may need training to secure a job are assisted with courses, subsidies for clothing, travel, child care and equipment.

Practical work qualifications can be achieved during this project and job search support is offered at the project centre. All participants must have been unemployed for six months or longer or be part of a prescribed group. Training available includes LGV, PCV and fork lift truck courses which lead to licenses being gained and ultimately sustainable employment.

Contact us                    For more information contact Steps to Work.

Steps to Work
Challenge Building
Hatherton Road
WalsallWS1 1XS
Tel. 01922 627555   Fax. 01922 622133
Email. enquiries@stepstowork.walsall.org.uk

Work on the Horizon

Work on the Horizon is the one stop employment and training programme for residents of the Walsall New Deal for Communities area.

They deliver the Training for Carers project which offers a free package of support to full and part-time carers who may be considering some form of employment or training but may lack the relevant skills that employers are looking for.

The Training for Carers project will provide you with a range of support services to help you achieve your goals:

    • Skills assessment
    • Careers advice, guidance and job search support
    • Motivation and confidence building
    • Wide range of courses including manual andling, IT training, debt counselling, health and safety and first aid
    • Ongoing support of the Work on the Horizon team

Contact us

Work on the Horizon
1 Queens Parade
High Street
BloxwichWS3 2EX

Telephone 01922 496555
Email workonthehorizon@walsall.gov.uk