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Pharmacy First

Under 16s Pharmacy First

  • Are you troubled by any of the following?
  • Flu
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Earache
  • Sore Throat
  • Tonsillitis
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Dry Skin
  • Eczema
  • Sunburn
  • Hay Fever
  • Bites
  • Nappy Rash
  • Head Lice

Access the Self Help Information page and ‘search’ from the Homepage for detailed condition advice

Please talk to a pharmacist first Many Walsall pharmacies now offer a see-diagnose-prescribe service where you can be treated with prescription medicine for these conditions by the pharmacist without needing to see a doctor or nurse first

Full list of Pharmacy First in Walsall

   Click here for more information about Pharmacy First

Minor Eye Problems

For conditions such as sore eyes, red eyes, or visual disturbance, please click on the link above to find the best service for you

Please access the links below for more information and to book directly

Counselling Services – to help you with low mood, bereavement, family mediation, alcohol concerns, money matters and a wide variety of other issues

Living Life To The Full – an online programme to help feel happier, to sleep better, to do more and to feel more confident

The Mood Gym – helps to prevent and helps you to learn how to cope with depression via an online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programme, accessible from home or from work, developed by the prestigious Australian National University

NHS Choices Information on Stress and Mental Health

Young Minds offers support to children and young people.  A parents’ helpline provides support to you, if you are concerned about your child

WPH Counselling is an NHS service in Walsall which provides services to young people, families and adults.  Their address is 55 Upper Forster Street, WS4 2AB.  Telephone 01922 649000 to make an appointment

Kooth provides free online support and counseling for young people

KaleidoscopePlus offers a drop-in service for young people. Telephone 0121 565 5605

The Triple P Positive Parenting Programme offers a proven, researched method for helping with childhood and adolescent issues

The Linden Centre offers structured anxiety-management programmes. A professional fee is payable

Psychiatry UK provides an innovative online video consultation service using their expert panel of consultant psychiatrists who cover a range of specialist areas.  This type of service can often be more comfortable and convenient for patients.  A professional fee is payable

The RSCPP’s Find a Psychologist Service where all therapists are accredited/chartered/registered by a professional body

Urgent Mental Health Support is available from a variety of crisis services

The Expert Patient Programme is a free 6 week course provided by Walsall Manor Hospital which has been shown to help with relaxation, tiredness and fatigue, healthy eating and tackling depression

Pam, our specialist mental health nurse, is available to you to conduct an in-depth assessment of your mental health and she will help you to design a recovery plan – Please contact the surgery to book an appointment. Pam is able to see patients who are aged 17 years and over only

Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors provide thorough assessment, diagnosis and therapy for patients with back, neck and other joint pains

As is the case with dentists and opticians, osteopaths, private physiotherapists and chiropractors charge a professional fee
NHS physiotherapy services do not incur a fee, although you may have to wait longer to to obtain an appointment

Please access the links below for more information and to book directly

NHS Physiotherapy – The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital – Telephone 0121 685 4120 to arrange direct access physiotherapy at the prestigious Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham

NHS Physiotherapy Walsall – Telephone 0121 568 4311 for a direct access appointment

Private Physiotherapy – The West Midlands Hospital, Stourbridge

You can access any local or out-of-area sexual health and pregnancy advice service directly.  These clinics provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and follow up

Marie Stopes International provides counseling and options for termination-of-pregnancy under an NHS contract. Please call directly on 0345 300 80 90 and they will offer an appointment within three working days

WPH Counselling is an NHS service in Walsall which provides contraception, pregnancy and menopause related specialist counseling services.  Their address is 55 Upper Forster Street, WS4 2AB.  Telephone 01922 649000 to make an appointment


Chiropodists and Podiatrists can help with the vast majority of foot problems

As is the case with dentists and opticians, chiropodists charge a professional fee

Please access the link below for more information and to book directly

Lifestyle Services.  Expert support to help you to: – Get physically fit – Feel better by eating healthily – Achieve your ideal weight – Quit smoking : Call 01922 444 044 to book a one-to-one session

Fun For Life is a service to help kids between 8-16 years to lose weight and improve their fitness: Call 01922 658080 to book a session

For specific dietary advice, you can access the dietician service directly

Health Apps have been found to be extremely helpful by many patients in helping with fitness, healthy eating and weight loss

Health Visiting

For expert support with nutrition, family health, psychological wellbeing for your child and for your family

Services from Walsall Manor Hospital

Diabetes Services can be accessed directly.  Please see our Self-Help information page for videos and advice, available in a variety of languages

Audiology will undertake a hearing test and hearing aid fitting and aftercare. Please telephone 01922 721172  Ext. 7628 or 7612 to arrange your appointment

Radiology offer a walk-in service for chest x-rays but you must see your GP to be referred first for this service

Search for Other Health Services – For example, type ‘alcohol’ in ‘Find’ when you enter this site to locate a range of support services to help with alcohol addiction

Search for Other Social Services – Support with – Money Matters – Help to Live at Home – Things to Do – Staying Safe – Caring for Someone – Health and Wellbeing – Getting About – Education Training & Employment

Citizens Advice Bureaux offer free, confidential and impartial advice to help with debt, housing and your legal rights

Online Nurse Appointment We are offering some blood test and COPD/asthma appointments online now

Please only book a blood test appointment if this has previously been authorised by a nurse/dr

Ask us online if you would like to discuss this or if you are unsure

You no longer need to fast for ANY blood tests (such as a check for diabetes (glucose) or cholesterol) thanks to updated best-practice guidelines

Please ensure that you check online or telephone the practice to find out the result of your test and the recommended action

If you are attending for NHS or travel vaccinations, please check the information on this page before attending

For all other nurse appointments such as travel vaccinations, smears and wound dressings, please telephone the surgery to make an appointment

Who’s Who in our Nursing Team

Online Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Doctor Appointment

If you don’t yet have online access, you can sign-in online here as a test patient and view live appointment dates and times to help your planning

All patients are registered with a named senior.  Their work focuses on the regular follow-up of patients with long term or complex medical conditions and their appointments are booked in advance.  The rest of our medical and nursing team works in close collaboration with your named GP.

We allocate your named GP when you register with us to adhere to NHS England requirements.

If you are usually fit and well, we would suggest that you use the Pharmacy First service, or see our Advanced Nurse Practitioner or one of our speciality training doctors first.

It is usually much easier to get a fast, convenient appointment with these members of the team in the first instance.  They are able to see, diagnose and treat the majority of medical conditions

In more complex cases, they will initiate appropriate investigations and arrange input from your named senior GP.

Please feel free to ask these members of the team to discuss your case with your named GP, if this would help you.

If you have complex long term conditions, please see other members of the team for any immediate, pressing problems and also book to see a GP regularly so that we can ensure that we provide optimal continuity of care to you.

We strongly encourage all our patients to search for UK-based, reliable information on your symptoms/condition via this website and to look through the Self Help Information page before you attend

This will help you and your doctor to ‘be on the same page’ in sharing decisions about investigations and treatment options and help us to provide our highest quality of care to you

Please do note down any questions you might have and we will be only too pleased to answer these when we meet

Who’s Who in Our Medical Team

Patient Access

To book an appointment please (click here)

Important notice: Double appointments are not permitted to be booked using online services,Double appointments booked through patient access will be treated as a normal 10 minute appointment.

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