During the current coronavirus pandemic, we are temporarily suspending B12 injections at our surgery to reduce your risk of infection. We therefore have put together the following advice:

If your B12 deficiency is diet related you can purchase over the counter B12 supplements (also called cyanocobalamin) and take 150 micrograms daily. If your B12 deficiency is not diet related, for example if you have pernicious anaemia or if you have had previous gastric (stomach) surgery, then you can purchase high strength 1000 microgram B12 tablets and take one tablet daily. There are alternatives to tablets available including a mouth spray which can be bought online or via your local pharmacy. In some cases we may be able to prescribe these tablets for you.

Some people may experience a return of their symptoms. These symptoms include fatigue, mouth ulcers, tingling of the hands and feet, poor appetite, nausea, reduced limb co-ordination, visual changes and other symptoms of anaemia such as shortness of breath. This maybe particularly true for people with bowel conditions such as crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, coeliac disease or previous bowel surgery

If you feel these or any other symptoms returning then please contact the surgery immediately for advice.

If you are unsure about what dose you should be taking, where you can get these tablets or have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact the surgery.