#AskAboutAsthma 2022

We are proud to support Ask About Asthma so every child and young person with asthma knows about the four asks to manage their condition.

Every child and young person with asthma – and their supporters – should know about the four steps they can take to manage their asthma:

  • Get an asthma action plan in place

    Children and young people who have a proper written plan drawn up by a clinician are four times less likely to have to go to hospital for their asthma.

  • Understand how to use inhalers correctly

    A preventer inhaler is one of the most important tools for managing asthma, delivering medicine exactly where it is needed to reduce inflammation caused by asthma – but if it is not used properly the benefits are greatly reduced.

  • Schedule an asthma review – every year and after every attack

    An asthma review by a properly trained clinician after every attack helps to work out what went wrong, while an annual review helps to ensure the condition continues to be managed effectively.

  • Consider air pollution and its impact on lung health

    Every asthma conversation should consider indoor and outdoor air pollution and how exposure to these triggers could potentially be reduced.